Recruitment with Chat GPT

I. Introduction    A. Brief overview of recruitment challenges High applicant quantities, drawn-out screening procedures, and ingrained biases are some of the difficulties faced by the recruitment process. It’s difficult to find the proper talent among a sea of resumes. … Read More

The Modern Workplace: Impact of Knowledge and Social Revolutions | airec

Ever since the dawn of humanity, our progress has been linked to the scope of revolutions. From the cognitive abilities that our ancestors developed to the recent revolutions in information and communication technologies, we grow with change. However, in discussions … Read More

Become An Effective HR Leader: 3 Skills to Master | airec

 An HR leader’s job has changed a lot over the years and is increasingly in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), human resources managers’ job market is expected to grow and evolve by 7% through 2028, slightly quicker … Read More